AI is everyone's chance to make things better

Some people treat AI as just another productivity-boosting technology. A topic for regulators and technical experts to discuss. This is a serious mistake. AI is autonomous. That means we have to think what we do when AI makes decisions we don't expect, or hurts people. Don't get me wrong: physically, AI is not human. But when its output is human, when AI makes decisions like humans that affect us, then we have to start thinking of them as like us.

That's why everyone, regardless of age, experience, prior knowledge, technical expertise, has something special to contribute. We need to hear how AI benefits and affects you, in your unique life.

Discussions hosted under #Ai2021 will be used in a public report sent to the top decision-makers in Parliament - so get chatting to your friends, family, or local community and have your say!

Listen to our podcast, Synthetic Society, produced with the Online Harms Foundation (a United Nations CTED institution), for inspiration.

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Synthetic Society is our podcast featuring top experts on AI from around the world.

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Speaker Organisation
Lord Timothy Clement-Jones Co-Chair of the APPG on AI, UK Parliament House of Lords
Olivia Gambelin Founder and CEO, Ethical Intelligence
Henry Ajder Deepfakes expert
Dr Allison Gardner Data Science lecturer and Co-founder of Women Leading in AI
Mitchell Baxter Founder and Director of Lazy Monday Games
Sonya Anderson Smartmatic, the electronic voting systems company
Katy Murray Cast from Clay, the public policy consultancy
more to come...

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